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Michael Eagle Speaker on Education

Michael EaglE

A career educator, speaker, entrepreneur, and musician residing in New York City, Michael travels the globe performing in a wide variety of ensembles, instructing musical clinics, and developing educational products for the 21st century learner.

After nearly 2 decades in US public schools and academic, Mr. Eagle left traditional education to create new and innovative ways of learning for all people of all ages. Rhythm Monster, LLC is an example of his contribution to the current revolution in education as well as his native field of music and percussion.

Mr. Eagle is a frequent keynote and public speaker at educational events, universities, international festivals, and personal development conferences.  

"I believe the single greatest issue in the world today is a fundamentally flawed system of education. Our daily news feeds are filled with absolute madness, and I feel much of this is rooted in not what, but how we are educating ourselves. "


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